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Privacy Policy


Cookies are not implemented by me, any cookies on the main and this page are implemented by cloudflare. You can find their privacy policy regarding cookies here.

Information Collection

I collect no personal data whatsoever. I see all headers and such with the requsts made to my page and API, I do not store any information from the request except for a IP address which is stored for a limited amount of time purely to prevent DOS, DDOS attacks and etc. Cloudflare stores no info except for temporarily to prevent attacks on my domains and pages and to recieve a generalized location for analytics. View their policy in the link above.

Terms and Conditions of Use & Disclaimers


I require no credit with the use of my API(s) and none of my content requires any: subscription, donation, purchase, crediting, etc.


If you are a business or company that owns a product/domain/service that my API is using, feel free to contact me using my details on my contact page. Such services include but are not limited to: Genius API, Soundcloud, YouTube, Google, etc.